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Citrus DSP v1.0 Plug-In Released

Posted in Uncategorized on April 24, 2011 by Ruchira Hasaranga

Citrus DSP is a dsp plug-in which can improve sound quality using EBS technology. Citrus artificially generates bass signal and mix it with original signal to improve the sound quality.

Tuning steps:

  • First you have to select proper bass frequency using “Bass Freq” slider.
  • Then adjust bass gain using “Bass Gain” slider. if you use EBS, it is better to set this value less than half. Always use this slider instead of EBS gain slider.
  • Adjust treble frequency (mostly, i put slider into left side)
  • Adjust treble gain
  • Adjust preamp gain (final output of system)
  • Enable EBS & set EBS frequency slider value less than half.
  • Increase EBS gain

Use the image on this web page as a tuning reference.

Citrus For Winamp  (Mirror)

Citrus For Windows Media Player 9, 10, 11 (Mirror)

Source For Winamp Plug-In (Mirror)

Source For WMP Plug-In (coded using ATL)  (Mirror)


Folder Unlocker

Posted in Uncategorized on April 11, 2011 by Ruchira Hasaranga

Some viruses lock folder’s hidden attribute! To solve this issue, run this registry script. Then right click on locked hidden folder & select “Unlock and Show”…