CodeBox Studio v1.0 Alpha Released

Quotes from Inside OLE 2nd Edition 1995 Microsoft Press

“I believe that component software is the technological innovation that will spark a new explosion of growth in the software industry by empowering computer users to once again create their own custom applications for their own specific problems. In the future, using a computer will not entail starting an application but rather spending one or two minutes creating an application for whatever problem is at hand. This does not mean that end users will be writing C code—absolutely not! Instead, they will have high-level tools through which they can specify their exact problem—that is, specify their intentions. These tools will then assemble a solution—a very specific application—from a large pool of available components. If the application is not the perfect solution for the user’s problem, the user can quickly modify it, again using a high-level tool, until it does solve the problem. Even when users don’t fully articulate the problem initially, they can quickly go back and clarify their intentions. Within minutes, I believe, users will always end up with the right solution.”



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