Light Radio v2.0 Released

Now with station list editor + WMA,ASX stream support + Huge collection of channels




It seems following Anti Viruses  report false positives…

AVG – I-Worm/Nuwar.L
BitDefender – Gen:Variant.Barys.1684
ClamAV –  WIN.Trojan.Peed-4
eScan – Gen:Variant.Barys.1684
F-Secure – Gen:Variant.Barys.1684
GData – Gen:Variant.Barys.1684
K7AntiVirus – EmailWorm



25 Responses to “Light Radio v2.0 Released”

  1. I like lightradio. It’s simple and it works. Can you update it to allow the user to choose the bit rate of recordings? Also, to see the song/artist title. Thanks.

    • In fact, I can see the artist/song name. It only works for stations that offer such information.

      The volume of file recordings is perfect, not too high or low.

      I prefer the playlist style of version 1 because it lets me get to the station I want with less clicks, very quickly. For this to work in version 2 you would need some way of telling the software which the last station in the last category is.

      Could you allow users to set the (average) bit rate of recordings please?

      In your station editor there doesn’t seem to be a way of inserting new categories.

      • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

        I thought you are talking about ID3 Tags… 😉
        You can add new category by using null as the url.
        Also you can delete all categories to get old playlist style.
        I’ll add recording bit rate feature on next release.

  2. I’m using lightradio a lot now. I love it. I’ll tell others about it. Is it easy to adapt it to show the radio stream’s bit rate?

    • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

      You want to display bit rate in playlist?

      • The rate of the station being played.

        Actually, what I meant is that there should be a “Add Category” button which automatically puts in “null”.

        For the ABR, could you apply the standard 32 40 48 56 64 80 96 112 128 160 192 224 256 320 rates?

      • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

        checkout v2.1 😉

      • Hi

        I have various audio software and most of them use one variable control for the ABR (average bit rate). The CBR (constant bit rate) also uses one variable control.

        The VBR (variable bit rate) uses three variable controls: audio quality, minimum bit rate and maximum bit rate. However, I’ve found one piece of software where the ABR also uses those three. So, when I say ABR I mean the one that just uses one variable control, not three.

        For example, the AIMP sound recorder/converter uses one variable control for the ABR.

      • I tried “v2.1”. It doesn’t have a recording-bit-rate slider, like there is for the volume control. I thought it would have one. AIMP has it. Thanks for your efforts so far anyway.

      • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

        you can do it by using encoder options in Light Radio v2.1 (didn’t you read the manual?)

        if you want to use CBR @ 128kbps, use “-b 128”
        ABR @ 128kbps, use “–abr 128”

        for VBR:
        -V quality setting for VBR. 4=default, 0=high quality bigger files, 9=smaller files
        -b specify minimum allowed bitrate, default 32 kbps
        -B specify maximum allowed bitrate, default 320 kbps

        VBR example: “-V 0 -b 96 -B 196”

        I always try to make this app light weight. coz I want this app in background while I work. That’s why it has less features than others… You can use provided source code to make your own branch if you have your own needs! 😉

      • With 2.1 I get a problem: the software hangs when using the Record button.

        In stations.ini could you allow a second recording rate? Radio stations broadcast at different rates so could you allow, say

        lame_options=-b 128
        lame_options2=-b 32

        Then, if the station name begins with an asterisk, for example
        * BBC radio 3
        * BBC radio 4
        it will recording using the second rate otherwise it uses the default.

      • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

        reason for crash might be in your encoder options! use default options (default stations.ini) & see if it crash again! Also remember, playing wma stream is still buggy in bass.dll. So using BBC channels might crash this app sometimes.

      • I used the default stations.ini when it crashes; I’m listening to AAC+ stations. Can you check your software code?

        Also, have you used the VLC player from ? On certain stations VLC & Light Radio both show artist/track name but there are others where only VLC show it. For example, the 32k AAC+

      • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

        hmmm… recording works fine for me even for CINEMIX channel. (some channels does not have title tag and some has delay to display it)

        here is the screenshot of recording from CINEMIX channel.

      • I also tried v2. Twice it recorded okay, then it didn’t work. (By the way, I’m using Light Radio in Linux with WINE. Having said that, v1 works fine and so does other Windows sound-recording software.)

      • Your version 2’s are much smaller than v1. Could this be the reason for my problem?

      • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

        wine has lots of bugs!!! update your wine software
        still crash? try with this MSVC compiled executable

      • Yeess!!!! The larger MSVC-version works. Thanks. You should include it in the package.

      • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

        Did you update your wine software? I think crash is related to msvcrt.dll. coz, MSVC version has its own version of dll embedded(statically linked) in exe & gcc version dynamically load it from the system. That’s why gcc version is small.

      • By the way, could you include a second recording rate as mentioned in one of my previous messages?

      • I used the same WINE.

  3. Hello ..

    Just wanted to know when I hit record, where would the songs get saved on my PC drive. I use an XP with a weird partitioning .

  4. Dude, i cant tell you what a genius you are !! 2 Reasons. For the product itself ! It runs amazing. No buffering and stopping midway .. 2 – For quick response to my post and your solution. SPOT ON ! It is working fab !! Thanks a ton genie.

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