C# Hacks

Flicker Free MDI Parent Window

You will see a flickering if you setup a background image for MDI parent window. This is because for some reason Microsoft guys didn’t add a way to enable double buffering property of MdiClient control. So you will need to enable that property manually to avoid flickering. Here is the code that does the trick!

private void MainWindow_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
   foreach (Control control in this.Controls)
      // find it
      if (control is MdiClient)
         // repaint on resize
         control.SizeChanged += new EventHandler(SizeClientBG);

         // enable double buffering
         MethodInfo method = ((MdiClient)control).GetType().GetMethod("SetStyle",
BindingFlags.Instance |BindingFlags.NonPublic);
         method.Invoke((MdiClient)control, new Object[] { ControlStyles.OptimizedDoubleBuffer, true });


protected void SizeClientBG(object sender, EventArgs e)

Focus To Next Control On Enter Key Press

Add following method into the form. It also avoids beep sound when pressing enter key.

        protected override bool ProcessCmdKey(ref Message msg, Keys keyData)
            // ignore buttons
            if ((keyData == Keys.Enter) && (!(this.ActiveControl is Button)))
                SelectNextControl(ActiveControl, true, true, true, true);
                return true; //Stops the beeping

            return base.ProcessCmdKey(ref msg, keyData);

Validate TextBox On Loosing Focus

Following code validates content of a textbox when loosing the keyboard focus. Add it to the focus leave event of a textbox!

        private void textBox2_Leave(object sender, EventArgs e)
            // amount validator code

            string txt = ((TextBox)sender).Text.Trim();
            if (txt.Length != 0) // textbox is not empty
                float val;
                if (float.TryParse(txt, out val)) // textbox contains number, lets format it to 2 decimal points
                    ((TextBox)sender).Text = val.ToString("n2");
                else // textbox contains invalid characters, show msgbox and refocus
                    MessageBox.Show("Invalid value entered!", "Warning", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning);
            else // textbox is empty, lets fill 0.00
                ((TextBox)sender).Text = "0.00";

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