16×2 LCD Spectrum Analyzer Plugin for Winamp


LCDSmartie + matrixorbital didn’t worked for me. So, I made my own plugin & sketch for arduino!

put “gen_crownsoft_lcd.dll” file into winamp plugin directory
put “lcd_analyzer.ini” file into C: drive
edit “lcd_analyzer.ini” file ( set port,baud rate etc…)
run winamp!


Update (2017-05-08) :

found a tutorial in Turkish language: http://www.mikrocore.com/genel/arduino-lcd-spektrum

raul barreto made an awesome project by using this plugin:


5 Responses to “16×2 LCD Spectrum Analyzer Plugin for Winamp”

  1. dalemgassle Says:

    Neat idea. I have the appropriate hardware set up, but when I run winamp, and look at the plugin status, it shows it there but “not loaded”. Any ideas?

    • Ruchira Hasaranga Says:

      make sure com port number specified in “c:\lcd_analyzer.ini” file is correct! (plug-in will not load if you specify invalid port number)

  2. great code, but when i load it up it only seems to show on 2 segments of my lcd… dunno why though

  3. thanks for sharing such a productive project and your exceptional RnD on computer & electronics..

    i faced a problem, when playing winamp just 1,2 & 3 no. colums are peaking .what should i do??

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