Illusion Of The Current Patterns



program/data/web/whatever you see in the computer physically exist as a current pattern.

machine instructions are also current patterns

windows8 dvd is a laser disk which has patterns. these patterns allow cd rom to recreate original current patterns.

when you upload file to server: you are sending current pattern to server and sever store that pattern as in magnetic form.

when you download file from server: server hd regenerate current pattern using magnetic pattern and server send it to your pc.

when you type a document, you are generating current pattern on ram.

when you save it, you are converting that current pattern into magnetic pattern.

when you download a file, you are receiving a current pattern someone created long time ago.

when you create a new file/program, you are introducing a new current pattern into the world.

when you share it, you are sharing that current pattern with the world.

software physically exists as a current pattern.

there is no image/sound/text/instructions on pc. only current patterns.

when you type a status on fb, you are generating new current pattern and share it with your friends.

illusion made by output devices like screen/speaker

when we consider the programmer view, everything is a number to cpu.



but in physically, computer cannot handle numbers, all it can handle is current.



what if you can control current patterns?

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