SoftICE for win XP / 2000 / 98 / DOS

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It didn’t rely on the operating system and works directly with the hardware. Hit Ctrl+D and the entire windows stops! Then you can do whatever you want… change the content of ram, change the code of any application to accept any serial number etc…(like matrix movie) Hit Ctrl+D again and the windows continue… just like nothing happened.


It gives you god like powers!

Download from 4shared

Illusion Of The Current Patterns

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program/data/web/whatever you see in the computer physically exist as a current pattern.

machine instructions are also current patterns

windows8 dvd is a laser disk which has patterns. these patterns allow cd rom to recreate original current patterns.

when you upload file to server: you are sending current pattern to server and sever store that pattern as in magnetic form.

when you download file from server: server hd regenerate current pattern using magnetic pattern and server send it to your pc.

when you type a document, you are generating current pattern on ram.

when you save it, you are converting that current pattern into magnetic pattern.

when you download a file, you are receiving a current pattern someone created long time ago.

when you create a new file/program, you are introducing a new current pattern into the world.

when you share it, you are sharing that current pattern with the world.

software physically exists as a current pattern.

there is no image/sound/text/instructions on pc. only current patterns.

when you type a status on fb, you are generating new current pattern and share it with your friends.

illusion made by output devices like screen/speaker

when we consider the programmer view, everything is a number to cpu.



but in physically, computer cannot handle numbers, all it can handle is current.



what if you can control current patterns?

TW801 / TW802 Win8.1 randomly unexpectedly shutdown issue

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images_brands_WinBook_Front-n-BackThe tablet randomly turns off (without advice or screens…it just goes black and need to use the power button,  get no error message at the startup).


disable automatic sleep function (change to never)

disable fast startup option

New Email Notifying Script

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Following bash script checks your mail account for every 3 minutes.

while true; do
latestid=`curl -u username:password -k --silent | awk 'BEGIN{ RS="</id>"}{gsub(/.*<id>/,"");print}' | sed -n '1p' | grep -o "[0-9]*" | sed -n '2p'`

if [ ! -z "$latestid" ]; then
oldid=`cat /tmp/mailcount.txt`
if [ ! -z "$oldid" ]; then
if [ "$oldid" -lt "$latestid" ]; then
echo "new mail received"
echo "$latestid">/tmp/mailcount.txt
sleep 180
sleep 10


Taskmod Released

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Taskmod is simple & easy to use task management software. It allows you to define tasks for files & folders. Unlike other standard to-do list managers, Taskmod puts small icon beneath your file to indicate progress of your tasks. This unique feature allows you to get idea about each file progress by just looking at them.

More Details…

STM32F4 Beginner Steps (using free tools)

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PrintString calls can be view using ST-LINK Utility SWO viewer.  (@168000000Hz speed)

Simple blink example:



SetPinMode(GPIO_Pin_13, OUTPUT);


SetPin(GPIO_Pin_13, HIGH);


SetPin(GPIO_Pin_13, LOW);




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SONY Cinema Space Effect Circuit

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